Voices from Psalms

"Teaching Psalms in a University Setting,” David R. Blumenthal

Voices from Psalms I (Fall 1994)
Psalm 22: A Christian Reading, an Anorexic Reading, and a Young Woman in Conversation,” Davina Casperina Lopez
“Psalm 23: An Intergenerational Reading, A Child’s Reading, and A Voice Close to the Edge,” Barbara Ellison Rosenblit
“Psalm 23: Affirmation and Skepticism,” Davina Casperina Lopez
“Psalm 51: An Apologia for the King, Bathsheba’s Voice,” Barbara Ellison Rosenblit
“Psalm 121: A Feminist Re-texting,” Barbara Ellison Rosenblit (revised)

Voices from Psalms II (Spring 2000)
“Psalm 23: A Faith-less Voice, An Orphan’s Voice, Trialogue, Reflections of a Priest,” James Grady, Samuel Lampert, and Sarah Richards
“Psalm 44: A Prayer-Response, The Guilty Rapist, God and the Jewish People, A Poem of Pain,” Sarah Richards, James Grady, Kimberly Wachs, and Samuel Lampert
“Psalm 71: A Freedom Fighter Speaks, Moses’ Psalm of Awe,” James Grady, Rachel Greenberger,and Nai Karimimanesh
“Psalm 90: A Prayer, A Suicide Speaks,” Lauren Davis and Sarah Richards
“Psalm 109: The Voice of a Suicide, The Voice of God,” Samuel Lampert, Rosalie Tepper, and Kimberly Wachs
“Psalm 144: Japan 1868 and 1912, A Parent Speaks,” Samuel Lampert, Rosalie Tepper, and Kimberly Wachs
Psalm 23: An Image

Voices from Psalms III  (Fall 2004)
“Psalm 23: The Lord is My Poetry,” Sonya Curtis
“Psalm 23: The Lord of the Mountains,” Courtney Shepard
“Psalm 23: Voice From a North Korean Prison,” Binna Yi
“Psalm 23: The Lord is My Mother,” Bethany Therriault
“Psalm 23: The Lord is My Lighthouse,” Will Caldwell
“Psalm 22: In the Holocaust,” Donald Tam
“Psalm 22, Talking to God About Abuse,” Sonya Curtis
“Psalm 44: A Soldier’s Voice,” Bethany Therriault
“Psalm 85: A Psalm of Sonya,” Sonya Curtis
“Psalm 91: Voice from a Mental Institution,” Courtney Shepard
“Psalm 139: A Sorority Girl Looks at Psalm 139,” Courtney Shepard
“Psalm 144: Bless the Lord Who is My Home,” DeLa Sweeney

Voices from Psalms IV (Spring 2011)
“Psalm 27: The Voice of a Physically Abused Child,” Elise Low
“Psalm 27: The Voice of a Physically Abused Child,” Alison Witte
“Psalm 27: From an Unstable Home,” Rachel Orbach
“Psalm 27: A Dying Mother Speaks,” Daniel Kim
“Psalm 27: A Ugandan Refugee Speaks,” Rachel Bottoms
“Psalm 27: A Rape Survivor Speaks,” Hanna Belden
“Psalm 42: Miscarriage and Depression,” Rachel Bottoms
“Psalm 46: From Fukushima Daiichi,” Daniel Kim
“Psalm 51: A Policeman Takes a Bribe,” Elise Low
“Psalm 92: A Handicapped Child’s Family,” Rachel Rosenthal
“Psalm 121: An Agnostic Reading,” Hanna Belden
“Psalm 142: A Sex-Trafficked Woman Speaks,” Alison Witte

Voices from Psalms V (Spring 2014)
"Psalm 27: A Rape Victim," Savannah Gross
"Psalm 34: My Grandmother's Life," Shaunesse' Ariella Jacobs
"Psalm 44: Slaves before and after the Civil War," Shaunesse' Ariella Jacobs
"Psalm 44: Iranian Hostages," Shauna Bowes
"Psalm 44: Hiroshima Victim," Savannah Gross
"Psalm 44: Black Teenage Boys in Jail," Jazmyn Ferguson
"Psalm 109: An Abusive Ex-Boyfriend," Shauna Bowes
"Psalm 109: Daughter of a Paraplegic Victim of a Hit and Run," Anonymous
"Psalm 109: Daughter with an Alcoholic Father," Anonymous
"Psalm 109: Father of a Teen Daughter Who Was Assaulted," Carolyn Sharzer
"Psalm 102: Young Woman Learns She Will Be Childless," Anonymous
"Psalm 139: A Meditation on Faith," Savannah Gross

Voices from Psalms VI (Spring 2017)
"Psalm 30: I Will Extol You, O Lord," Noam Fields-Meyer
"Psalm 91: Whoever Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High," Beom Joon Kim
"Psalm 6: O Lord, Deliver My Life," Angela Spears
"Psalm 27: The Lord is My Light and My Salvation," Angela Spears
"Psalm 91: "She Who Finds Peace in the Hideaway of the Most High," Ashley Stern
"Psalm 91: "Whoever Bathes in the Light of the Most High." Emily Spears

Interpretations of the Akeda

Sarah, Andrew Doppelt
The Binding of the Covenant, Asher E. Smith
"Where is the Lamb?" Brett Kaplan
The "Binding" of Isaac, Jeremy Fischler
The "Sacrifice" of Isaac, Jerry Kent
Midrash Sarah, Sara Lenowitz
Violence and Piety in the Akeda: Midrash and Art, Matthew Juron

The Sacrifice of Sarah, Ali Witte
Violence or Piety, Elon Stricker
Midrash Sarah, Hannah Chung
The Binding of Isaac, Mary Ruf
An Act of Piety or Violence, Thomas (Zach) Thompson

The Sacrifice on Mt. Moriah, Anh Duy Nguyen

Sarah's Sacrifice, Gabe Kim
The Testing of Sarah (Nissat Sarah), Timothy McNinch

Qoheleth / Ecclesiaste

Qoheleth Was Depressed, Farah Mizrahi
Qoheleth Was Not Depressed, Margo Aaron
Qoheleth Looks at Himself, Matt Kelsey
Healing Qoheleth Through Logotherapy, Jessica Reilly
Revisioning Qoheleth: Anna's Voice, Allison Meyer


Eliana Fishkin, Gabrielle Pieck, Benjamin Blumenthal, Creating Zoharic Texts
Julie Pfau, Isaac Loses His Laughter
Kara Kandel, The Story of  Emory Hillel, Jonathan Feldstein, and Kate Shtein
Jonathan Feldstein, From Moscow to Washington
Brian Shapiro, Cry to God
Barbara Ellison Rosenblit, Midrash on the Moon: In a Different Light
Experiments (done by DRB): Rashbam: Rashbam-emory: Rashbam-wild
Nola Weinstein, Lauren Skiba, Steven Henkin, Tim DeBold, Marian Broida, Caroline Kallman, Introduction to Jewish Civilizations
Sally Chambers, Ginger Goldhammer
Nate Hofer, Syllabus for Popular Jewish Medieval Culture
Samuel Ready, Maimonides on Moses Seeing God's Face / Back
Gila Baer, Yedid Nefesh, Translation and Commentary
Marie-Ange Rokotoniana, Yedid Nefesh, French Translation and Commentary

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