contemporary theological reflections

Many of the articles in this section have appeared as part of the Portal on Jewish Prayer and in Keeping God at the Center.

Toward Being a Theologian

Personality as a Quality of God and Humans

Holiness as a Quality of God and Humans

Universes of Discourse in Theology

Dealing with Unsystematic Theology

Repentance and  Forgiveness

Translated into French by P. Lambert et J. Duhaime: Le repentir et le pardon
Translated into Slavic by Barbora Lebedová.new

Despair and Hope

Tselem: Toward an Anthropopathic Theology of Image

Creation: What Difference Does it Make

on prayer

Many of the articles in this section have appeared as part of the Portal on Jewish Prayer and in Keeping God at the Center.


Praying  the Prayerbook 

Pondering  the Prayerbook

Mystical  Meditation on the Prayerbook

Liturgies  of Anger

"Make  Them as Tumbleweed"

The Kaddish

Le Kaddish, la prière juive pour les morts

Kavvana: l'art de la prière juive

Kavvana, The Art of Jewish Prayer

"Praying Next to a Survivor"

A Spiritual Guide for the Jewish  Patient

Praying Ashrei, a web-based essay

  Ha-Aderet veha-Emuna, with Sally Chambers Pias


on the abusing God


Confronting the Character of  God: Text and Praxis

Who is Battering Whom?

Theodicy: Dissonance in Theory and  Praxis

Angesichts des missbrauchenden  Gottes: Eine Protesttheologie

The  Violence of God: Dialogic Fragments, with Julie Shoshana  Pfau

Protesting an Abusive God: Response to Bernard Schweizer

Emil  Fackenheim: Theodicy and the Tikkun of Protest

Praying Angry: A Jewish View

Soul Repair: A Jewish View


on mysticism


Maimonides: Prayer, Worship, and  Mysticism

Philosophic Mysticism: The Ultimate Goal of Medieval Judaism

Maimonides'  Philosophic Mysticsm

Maimonides' Intellectualist Mysticism and the Superiority of the Prophecy of Moses

Croyance et attributs essentiels dans  la théologie médiévale et moderne

Creating Zoharic Texts

The Creator and the Computer, a web-based essay

Commentary  to Sefer Yetsira (follow Kabbalistic Texts links)

The  Ascent of the Merkava

On Being a Rationalist and a Mystic

From Medieval Mystic to Madonna: The Strange Path of Im Nin`alu


on the banality of evil


The Banality of Good and  Evil

What To Do

Perpetrators and  Rescuers: Two Key Factors

How  to Do Good: Links to Prosocial Sites
How Might Another Shoah Be Prevented
Comment empêcher un nouvel holocauste?

Resistance as Happiness




From Wissenschaft  to  Theology: A Mid-Life Re-Calling

What I Believe

From Anger to Inquiry




Auschwitz and Hiroshima:  Icons of Our Century (revised 8/1/2003)

A Midrash of Psalm 44

Memory and Meaning in the Shadow of the Holocaust

Cross Disciplinary Notes on Teaching the Shoah: Four Questions for Most Holocaust Courses

"Beware of Your Beliefs": A Holocaust Scholar's Reflections on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

"Of All Small Things"

“What Did Joseph Want from His Brothers, “

"The Akeda and Rosh HaShana: the Original Oath God was Forced to Make", The
“The Rabbinic Chronology of Lech Lecha,”
Melody for Simhat Torah Reading


"A Play on Words in the Nineteenth Chapter of Job" (Vetus Testamentum, 16 (1966) 497-501)

Reading Genesis, a web-based essay

Where God is Not: The Book of Esther and Song of Songs

Teaching Psalms in the University Setting

Essays in Christian-Jewish Dialogue

On the Death of Pope John Paul II

Three is Not Enough: Jewish  Reflections on Trinitarian Thinking

Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Inadequacy of the Ecumenical Perspective
The Rabbi and the Friar (Father Benedict Groeschel); reprinted


Israeli and Topical Judaica Philately

Salvador Dali, "Aliyah, the Rebirth of Israel"

Lovejoy's Great Chain of Being and the Medieval Jewish Tradition

Maimonides' Thirteen Principles of the Faith

Maimonides' Treize principes de la foi

Michael Wyschogrod, Interpreter of Judaism in the Late Twentieth Century

Jewish Perspectives on Poverty


“What are the Limits of Protest Theology? Review Essay?” D. Weiss, Pious Irreverence: Confronting God in Rabbinic Judaism and D. Blumenthal, Facing the Abusing God: A Theology of Protest new
“Aaron Hughes’s ‘Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast” and the Man I Knew,” Religious Studies News, 10/4/2017.




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