“Psalm 144: Bless the Lord Who is My Home,” DeLa Sweeney

Psalm 144.2 [DLV]

of DeLa


1Praise be to the LORD my home,

who trains my heart to love,

my mind to trust.

2He is my loving Mother my family,

my surname and my adopter,

my arms, in whom I take harbor,

who brings people to my aid.


3O LORD, who am I that you give me a name,

a relinquished child that you know me.

4I was but a number,

nothing more than K85 3263.


5Cross the ocean, O LORD, and come to me;

touch these walls, so that they vanish.

6Send forth applications and dissolve [my doubts];

expedite the responses and destroy them.

7Reach out to me from on high;

carry and adopt me

from unanswered dreams

from the disbelief of visitors

8Whose words are not encouraging,

whose taunting is detrimental.


9I will speak my first words to you, O God;

with the hand-me-down rattle I will make music to you,

10to the One who gives a home to every child,

who delivers his son DeLa from a life alone.


11Carry and adopt me

from the disbelief of visitors

whose words are not encouraging,

whose taunting is detrimental.


12Then when I mature

I will be a good-natured individual,

upholding morals and values

to benefit the world.

13I will no longer wait to be fed

on someone else’s time shift.

My freedom will multiply exponentially,

by immense quantities in my life.

14My profession will bring me prosperity.

there will be no more insecurities,

no nameless infants,

no longer are an orphan’s cries ignored.


15Blessed am I because this is true;

blessed am I because my God is LORD.